Knitted in crochet with 100% natural cotton thread, decorated with black hematite, silver hematite, murano, mother-of-pearl, artificial shells.

You have choosen MIRA, SSanskrit name meaning Sea, Ocean… The sea at your feet leaving footprint, and joining it with the love we create our sandals become Art and guide you to walk the Life with the Feet on Earth.

All the sandals are handmade by Housewives, women who give their home a sense of collaboration. Each pair has an approximate work time of 8 hours.

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  • Crocheted knits.
  • 100% natural cotton thread.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Quality beads.
  • Stitched stone by stone with resistant silk thread.
  • Biodegradable rubber soles, lined with corduroy fabric.


Warranty is subject to cases:

   – The accessories (beads) are out.

Use Recommendations

  1. Treat them as an accessory, always keep them in their original packaging.
  2. Do not hit them strongly against the floor.
  3. Keep them in your closet.
  4. Wash them by hand with mild soap.


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