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The inspiration of this brand is dedicated to my friends with which
I have discovered life in endless conversations, my family that
are the love that florishes my heart, my customers that give me the strength
to continue to persevere and who were my leap of inspiration, my soul, my guide,
my madness, my peace, and who unknowingly teached me to love…·*

We hope that these sandals will transmit to you the same emotion with which
we have interwoven them and accompany you on this wonderful path that
we call Life. We believe that with every step you take, you will always
leave a mark..!

About Us

Housewives knit with their hands our main raw material, others are in charge of stitching the beads one by one; in turn, all the people in our family work with the mission of delivering a product made with love for women with the feet on the Ground!
Environmentally Friendly
Sandals are crochet-knitted with 100% cotton, and biodegradable soles, like other materials. At the end of the life cycle the beads can be removed to be reused in a new sandals!!!
Manufacture time
Each pair of shoes takes about 8 hours to make, the hand knitting is 3 hours per pair and then we stitch the beads one by one for your safety and comfort. It’s a very hard and beautiful job taking care of every detail.
Inpired by you
Created through experiences that led to the imagination. Our deepest concept is focused on expressing the natural power that hides the beauty of each woman. The models capture the spontaneity, simplicity and harmony of the soul. The conversations, looks, attitudes, moments and ways of life, are part of our inspiration.
The values of our company are to think with conscience, live with conscience and buy with conscience #thinkzen #livezen #buyzen. Consciousness generates change, that’s how we design and manufacture our sandals with high quality materials, mostly biodegradable.
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We have united a handcrafted tradition, and fused it with an ethnic and modern style, uniting cultures, colors, designs, materials, hand embroidery, ethnic lines, all in a cosmopolitan aesthetic inspired by Adlib fashion from Ibiza, which crosses borders and everyone loves. Generating new forms of employment from home.

Our Team


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